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The Yolo County Farm Bureau administers the Irrigated Lands Program for landowners and growers that have irrigated agriculture that is sold commercially. 


In July 2003, the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (Regional Board) adopted a set of regulations pertaining to discharges of waste from irrigated agricultural lands and managed wetlands into waters of the State. These regulations, more generally referred to as the Irrigated Lands Program (ILP), provided an individual producer or managed wetland owner with two options to comply:

  • Option #2 - Join a Coalition. Yolo County Farm Bureau formed the Yolo County Farm Bureau Education Corporation (YCFBEC) so Yolo County landowners and grower could lower costs by sharing expenses. We are part of 13 northern California subwatershed groups enrolled in the Sacramento Valley Water Quality Coalition. 2019 – 2020 fees are $4.00/irrigated acre. To join the Yolo County Irrigated Lands Program, please contact the Yolo County Farm Bureau by calling 530-662-6316 or email [email protected] for instructions regarding local coalition membership. 

Yolo County Farm Bureau Education Corporation's (YCFBEC) Irrigated Lands Program recommends option 2.

Irrigated Lands Program General Order r5-2014-0030-06
A Guide for Domestic Well Owners

Call: 530-662-6316

Email the Irrigated Lands Program Coordinator [email protected]

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